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100k Jurassic Coast Ultra Marathon Run

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Let’s sign up for a 100k Race!

In this blog, you will learn!  What am I looking for in a race  How I researched this race What race I am doing Why I am doing this race How are you all doing? Well, it’s that time of year again, in the U.K our nights are getting darker earlier. I would say it’s…More

The Cotswold Way, Completed mate…

Hello trekkers, hows it going? It has taken a minute, but we got there. It’s with great pride that I can tell you I have completed this route over several runs, several lockdowns and several months! But still, I ran from the start at Chipping Campden to the finish in Bath! Considering I couldn’t complete…More

What is a Wainwright? (Free Tracker too)

Hello my fell bagging beauties. If you already know about Wainwright’s, please feel free to skip, if you’re not in the know, read on, I’ve kept it quick and easy… Now when I say wainwright’s, I am not talking about a skilled tradesperson, who makes and repairs wagons. I am talking about summiting the 214…More

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