Let’s start this thing at my lowest point. I am a few weeks away from the race. What race you say? “It’s the Malvern Ultra Marathon race held on the 1st of May 2021” I say. For the runners amongst us, if i say ITB injury, you’ll most likely know what i am referring too. For those who do not, head to Senior Google. Other search engines are available. Up until now I have been doing fine with injuries, or lack of injuries. So for the first time during my training i have not ran for two weeks, give or take a couple miles “testing and trying”. 

You join me on a Sunday morning, its 10am, I am about to go to my shed and record an update video for the youtube series I’ve been sharing. “Couch to ultra marathon runner”. Be a good sport and nip over to the channel subscribe, hit that bell, like and comment. Where I have documented the last few months fun and games training for you viewing pleasure, or pain. So back to this injury, practice what you preach Richie. Ive been preaching, “take your time”, “don’t jump your miles to quickly” and in my impatience with the world and flooding fields I rushed my furthest run to date. 20.5 miles. 

With the lacking of consistent bigger miles over the last few weeks, I have over worked my IT band on my left side. As you will gather from my grammar, I am no Bill Shakespeare, let alone trained running coach/runner/physio. I in fact typed grammar with an “e”. Welcome to my warts and all blog! 

So for my first nugget of wisdom, take your time and don’t rush into the bigger miles. Whether that’s going from 100 yards to a mile or 15 to 20 miles. Chill your beans and don’t get injured. You only end up sitting there wishing you were running half marathon’s with your cherished friends! Not that we can during lockdown number 3, but let’s not get to negative on our first entry. For those who don’t have the time to watch the hours of great footage on my channel, here’s a brief run down of events. My week has been split into 3 running sessions. 1 x intervals/hills, 1 x short run, 1 x long run. 1/2/3 sessions of strength and conditioning, which has over the last few weeks been intensified. In the beginning it was just some resistance band exercises for the glutei and hamstrings. In the coming entries I shall endeavour to elaborate on my activities if it would suit the reading public? For my first post, I shall leave it short, witty and full of positivity. 

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