Everyone remembers their first hike.

Do you remember your first hike? I’d like to forget mine, just joking.

“What did you do at the weekend Tweed?”

“You went to Wales?! Are you mad?”

Whilst my memory is not the best, between my friends and I, we won’t forget this hike in a hurry, we are still shaking from the cold. I am not talking about the childhood adventures through streams and fields, thinking you are Indiana Jones with your parents. 

I am talking about two eighteen year old lads and their older, seemingly wiser pal loading up my newly purchased black Vauxhall Corsa and head off. We have all been there, rushing from work to get going to the hills. Lets hope the A5 traffic isn’t too bad. I don’t recall bad traffic but i recall being the only one sober in the car. Thankfully I was the one driving.

Did I mention? It’s February. There’s no romance this Valentines weekend. Only bromance, beers and mountains. There is freezing cold conditions, a tent in a farmers field and the warm arms of the pub around the corner. 

We wake, huddled together with a Newcastle brown ale induced hangover, a soaking wet tent floor, clearly between us and the tent, something has leaked! Fire up the stove and lets get amongst the howling wind and chilling snow.

Whilst this isnt the same weekend! As we didnt have camera phones or cameras back then, you get the Snowdon vibe!

The route

Start and Finish: Pen-y-pass to Snowdon Summit via the Pyg track.

Distance: 5.19km

Ascent: 704m

Time: 4 hours

Lets go

Of our party, the elder, known as Martin, is mountain leader. By mountain leader, i mean he’s been up here before and has checked todays weather at the hut. It’s safe enough he tells us, we are equipped with new boots and coats, no Reebok classics and tracksuit bottoms here. The lads have new coats, i have my dads trusty green wax coat. Map and compass ready, off to Cheltenham races we go…

I’d love to tell you about the epic snowdonia vistas, the views up to Crib Goch and below to Llyn Llydaw. But there were no views a plenty here! Just hard honest graft up the Pyg Track in freezing conditions with no visibility! After a few hours of slipping and sliding on well polished ice cover rock. We reach the summit of Snowdon. A quick ham and mustard sandwich and sip of orange squash and lets get back to our warm tent via the pub! On a side note, the green wax coat was heavy and has never been used again.

It’s safe to say the leaky tent went to the rubbish tip, our gear took days to defrost and dry out and need to get back to the mountains was amplified. Same again in two weeks time boys? Hell Yes!

If you’d like to tell me your first hike, leave a comment! Never hiked before, leave a comment too! 

I have Martin, searching his boxes at home for some footage from our first hike!
Here’s Crib Goch a few weeks later.

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