What is a Wainwright? (Free Tracker too)

Hello my fell bagging beauties. If you already know about Wainwright’s, please feel free to skip, if you’re not in the know, read on, I’ve kept it quick and easy…

Now when I say wainwright’s, I am not talking about a skilled tradesperson, who makes and repairs wagons. I am talking about summiting the 214 English peaks (fells) the main man Alfred Wainwright described in his seven-volume pictorial guide to the Lakeland Fells, way back in the ’50s & ’60s!

Here’s a link to the world of books website, which has a great selection of AF’s works. Don’t get addicted now.

It’s the ultimate peak-bagging adventure, at the time of writing, I have only bagged 49 out of the 214! There’s literally a long way to go!

How many have you bagged?

Taking in the information from AF’s Coast to coast book, whilst walking the C2C!

The FREE 214 Wainwrights Tracker is at the bottom of the post, get scrolling!

Did you know?
All but one fell is over 1000ft (304.8m) in height, that fell is Castle Crag.

There’s all kinds of ways to track how many you have “bagged”, log books, apps, websites, framed maps, even the good old spreadsheet, like the one below. Please feel free to click the link and download. If I’ve attached it correctly!

Have a great day, feel free to send me your wainwright bagging stories and pictures!

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